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Dental Radiology

Diagnostic CT scans are useful for a variety of reasons:

  • To check a patient’s suitability for dental implants
  • To check bone depth, width and density prior to placement of implants.
  • To find the best location to place an implant, avoiding sinuses & nerve canals.
  • To have a 3-D view of the sinus cavities, to assess the need for sinus lifts.
  • To detect vertical root fractures that may not be visible on an OPG.
  • To check the proximity of an impacted 3rd molar or other tooth to the nerve canal.
  • To investigate damage done during previous root canal treatment.


Diagnostic CT scan images are supplied to referring dentists, burnt onto a CD and can also supplied with the necessary software to make them fully readable on any reasonably modern computer.


No preparation is necessary for an echocardiography.