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Our Facilities

Radiologie et Imagerie Médicale de la Capitale (RIMC) is a medical imaging and radiology clinic that that stands out for its innovative and environmentally friendly facilities to offer its patients excellent services in the field of medical imaging. With its 12,000 square feet facilities and its 12 examinations rooms equipped with leading edged technology, every effort is made to ensure the comfort of the patients and to offer them a personalized service in a pleasant environment. Additionally, an accredited on-site laboratory that meets the highest standards of quality can perform medical tests quickly.

In 2006, Radiologie et Imagerie Médicale de la Capitale (RIMC) went through a significant restoration cure with the constant objective to provide the highest quality environment for its patients. Doing so, over one million dollars ($ 1,000,000) has been invested to rebuild all HVAC components to meet the latest technological standards. Additionally, the clinic has established a system of 22 active IP telephone lines to better answer patients’ interrogations and concerns without delay.

In 2009, Radiologie et Imagerie Médicale de la Capitale (RIMC) went green by digitalizing 100% of its new radiography exams. Hence, the integration of computer technology now enables us to eliminate the use of all chemicals required to develop traditional radiologic films. Furthermore, the integration of this technology enables our patients to leave our facility with a copy of their radiography burned on a CD. This service can be especially helpful during a medical consultation with a foreign family doctor or specialist.


  • Our clinic operates in a digital environment using the latest generation of imaging equipment thus ensuring optimal services to physicians and patients.
  • Referring physicians can remotely access/view patient reports and images from their office computers
  • Walk-in patients will experience shorter wait times for general x-ray
  • Report turn-around times will be expedited (usually within 24 hours)
  • PACS film storage (Picture Archiving Communication System) offer a state of the art alternative to conventional films. Physicians can obtain access to the database for electronic viewing of their reports and images.


Medical Imaging

Radiologie et Imagerie Médicale de la Capitale (RIMC) offers its patients the equipment at the cutting edge in these fields: CT-SCAN (for general CT with and without injection, dental CT and virtual colonoscopy), PET/SCAN (for cancer detection and detection of Alzheimer’s disease), bone densitometry (to measure the density of bone mass), mammography (for screening and diagnosis) and Gamma Camera (for bone scanning and myocardial perfusion imaging with and without effort).